A Killer Efficiency App on Your Wrist

For anyone looking to gain back time in their busy day, you can purchase a device that could save you an hour or more each day.

But first, how often do you look at notifications on your smartphone? We are interrupted all the time with the omnipresent dings and dongs coming from them. Those seemingly innocuous mutterings have trained us like animals to habitually stop what we are doing to check each new message we have just received.

Every time we do this takes us away from the task at hand. After browsing the message, thinking about it, and then possibly constructing a response, we may then take a short break to check Instagram or some other app for a kick of dopamine. Eventually, we remember what we were working on in the first place, switch back to that, and after a few minutes, we’ll be back to where we left off before. Some experts argue that it takes 20 minutes after we become distracted to resume what we were doing.

Even if we take only a minute, this time adds up over the course of the day.

Enter the smartwatch. My girlfriend gave me a Garmin VivoActive for my Christmas present. I thought the main value of this device was to track my activity level, but I soon realized what was even more important...

This device will buzz my wrist when I receive a notification. For example, if I get a new Wechat message, the device will buzz. I then look over at my wrist and see the body of the message. I process this information in about a second, and if it is not urgent, I go right back to what I was doing. No more picking up the smartphone, putting in my password, finding the felonious app, and then seeing what else is on my phone to distract me. Just one second and I’m back to work.

I believe this is the killer app for smartwatches. It has given me back at least 45 minutes of my day.