Business Achievements
  • Organically doubled revenue every two years

  • Starting from zero, grew revenue to $2.5 million annually

  • Grew company to one of the largest personal media transfer companies

  • Grew company to become the #1 largest privately owned, locally based personal media transfer company in the U.S.

  • Cultivated most and highest-rated customer reviews in media transfer industry

  • Won Big Bang! Business Competition (Frist Place & People's Choice) while getting MBA from UC Davis

My First Business...

I spent six years getting through college the hard way: working 25–30 hours per week at jobs paying $8–$10 per hour and barely surviving.


After graduating, I realized that as much as I try to deny it I’m a computer nerd at heart, and I could make much more money using my computer skills. One job led to another, and I realized that a considerable amount of old analog media was available (e.g., film, video tapes, photos, slides). As I was transferring these old memories to DVD, I thought that maybe a business could be started here! So, with no business experience, I went about creating a company.

Like most business owners, after the initial wave of customers had gone, I had a hard time finding others. At the time, no successful business focused on just doing personal media transfer during the nonholiday time of the year. Everyone told me to give up, and after selling everything I had except for my car, laptop, and some clothes, I was about to throw in the towel. I was so broke that I came home some nights and had only leftover scraps of rice from my landlord’s rice cooker to eat (Thanks, Julie!). The prospect of failure was definitely on the horizon.


But I didn’t give up. I kept trying, and after reading Think and Grow Rich, something changed. I had an insight into my marketing, and with one Google Adwords change, the business more than quadrupled in revenue almost overnight.


In August of that year, the business doubled revenue again . . . and doubled once more in November.


I was now trying to keep up with a racehorse. Over the next six years, that company grew from one store to four, from one employee to twenty-seven full-time technicians, managers, and corporate officers, and from zero to $2.5 million in annual revenue. By the time the company was acquired in 2013, it was one of the largest and most successful media transfer companies in the United States.  I’ll never forget the lessons I learned during this experience.


I sold the company because I crave steep learning curves. I needed a new challenge and wanted to use the leadership skills I had learned during this time to help the world in a bigger way.

  • MBA - UC Davis Graduate School of Management (focus: Entrepreneurship)

    • Won UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition (First Place & People Choice Awards) for the PlayPatch, a natural form of female birth control

  • B.S. Psychology (Cum Laude) - San Diego State University (minor: Religious Studies) 

Other Interests